About Kleine Tijntje - Rotan Sigurning

Welcome to our journey,

This is a story about what has lead us here today and the inspiration that will continue to carry us into the future of Kleine Tijntje’s treasures.

We are young parents of an amazing son. Husbabe (how I call my husband) and I (a lucky wifey of him) started a maternity gift webshop where we also resell brands from other businesses to support them and having a part of our house of brand.

After being successful with our webshop we continue to expand our business in kids nursing accessories made of rotan (which is rattan in Indonesian). All made by artisans in Indonesia, as rotan originally came from my homeland Java Indonesia. And yes I'm Indonesian and a lucky woman who gets a very lovely Dutch man!

My father was a businessman himself and a very influential man, but most importantly a family man to us and grandfather to our little man.
With the passing of my father I felt a very deep loss, which inspired me to name this brand: Kleine Tijntje - Rotan Sigurning. I dedicate this to him for his last name is Si Gurning.

Our growing business has lead us to many paths and we have enjoyed and are thankful for all of them. As our journey leads us into new trends, nowadays we have to be very creative. With pencil and paper we design and sketch beautiful heirloom pieces that withstand the test of time for generations to come.

We strive to create unique and timeless pieces from natural rotan materials, ensuring that every piece created is designed with love and handcrafted with great joy by our wonderful team in Indonesia, of very talented artisans.

Much love from us x
Hanna, Martijn (Husbabe) & Marlon (our little man)

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