About Us

Nothing can make us, Marlon's loving parents, happier than to see our son believe and dream that he can become whatever he wants in the future. Little Tijntje was born from this experience as a parent: May our children have big dreams!

I am Hanna, proud mother of Marlon and also spiritual mother of Kleine Tijntje. The ideas for this developed during pregnancy. As a mother-to-be and now a new mother, I am very excited and passionate about capturing memories and cherishing every milestone of our first son. Like any mother, I only want the best for my son. It often proved difficult to find good quality products for a reasonable price. I realize that I could actually make many of these products myself. My dream of one day becoming an entrepreneur suddenly became topical: I make the quality products I was looking for myself and sell them for a friendly price. When I come across a fairly priced existing product, of course, I offer other mothers the opportunity to buy it too. The webshop Kleine Tijntje is born.

In addition to items for babies and young children, Kleine Tijntje offers specially composed gift packages for mothers-to-be, new mothers and (not to forget!) fathers. As young parents-to-be, we quickly had to deal with all kinds of new aspects in our existence and by now we know that these experiences and perceptions continue to pile up at breakneck speed. This is sometimes as stressful as it is wonderful. That is why I have put together a selection of pampering and relaxation products in loving gift packages for every budget! Using these products gave us a boost on the good days and some of our strength back on the bad days.

I love the products I sell and I hope you love them just as much. It is important to me that a third party loves my products: our planet and therefore our environment. That is why I passionately search for high quality products with a great love for Mother Earth. I want to contribute to my son, my (who knows) future children and my customers live in a healthy environment.

In the story of Kleine Tijntje, the first chapter has only just been completed: we are ONLINE! Together with my husband and son Marlon, we hope to write many more chapters with you. To you and future customers I already say this: Thank you for helping us make our dream come true!


Hanna, Martijn and Marlon